Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the laundry!!

This one will be quick, nevertheless... I will post. :) Working a split shift today, so while baby and I enjoy Jenny Craig meatloaf, I will blog. Hehe.

Today's plan is to get the house pretty decent for the homecoming of my brother, sister, and mother-in-law. I realized today when I walked into me & Caleb's bedroom that I need a better system for taking care of my laundry. Not just ensuring that I'm always doing it, but finding a place to place the hamper where the clothes will actually get into!! I find that my husband and I tend to just take our clothes off after work and then throw 'em wherever we are. Then, of course with my schedule it hardly ever gets picked up. Until I see the mess, I'm ready to do laundry and then the mess is still not cleaned up because I'm seperating clothes and I pile 'em up around the room. :l By that time, it's so much that I can never seem to have Caleb & my room be "an oasis of relaxation" like I want it to. I was thinking about purchasing two additional hampers and seperating our clothes as we take them off (e.g. whites, darks & jeans, brights & towels) To make this system effective, however, I have to make sure my husband cooperates.

Any ideas from any bright women out there?

Our very messy bedroom. :(

Monday, December 21, 2009

the introduction

So, I've got a lot of things to learn!.

I've been really thinking and praying these last few weeks (even before I found out baby was coming) and I've noticed that my time management skills lack (greatly!) and something really just needs to be done with that. I've been feeling the LORD call me deeper to a place where I'm just focused on my home and I take my place as a wife and a mama (before little bambino showed up might I add, I thought He was talking solely about Daniella, our 4yr old). Imagine my surprise when I felt this from God, when all my life I swore that being that kind of mom was surely not as spiritual as the mama's that carried a world-wide renowed ministry. There's something about being a good homemaker that screams out against the voice of our society, even within the Church. We look down upon the pastor's wives who choose to stay at home and care for the children instead of coming to every service. Little did I know how wrong my perspective has been. I guess, as an introduction to this blog I'm confessing my wrongful mentality and declaring the season where the LORD is leading me. I'm also sorely asking for help.

  1. Pray for me. For wisdom & revelation in this area and for an extended grace. I am very easily distracted and not very disciplined. I need all the grace I can get! Also pray that my spirit be willing and open to follow the tug of the LORD as He teaches me the art and beauty (and honor!) in homemaking. Also, pray that a financial miracle occurs in our life within the next nine months so that when this baby comes, I can stay home full time.

  2. If you have any wisdom and knowledge in homemaking, time management, etc. please share! I need as much as I possibly can.

  3. I need women to surround myself with that will be like-minded. I want to be single-minded in my pursuit of Jesus and bring Him glory during this season of my life. I long to be a wife and a mama and bring glory to my King as well as draw nearer to Him. If your heart is similar, I need you as a friend!

Nothing out of the ordinary,
Nicole. :)