about me


I am actually a pretty simple gal. I was taught growing up that simplicity is beauty and though I don't always believe it of myself, I tend to find beauty in the simple things of life. 

I'm a wife to one man and a mom to 3 kids and I'm insanely blessed

I treasure the little things of life and pray I can teach others to do so as well. If I could live as an Amish, I totally would. Well, maybe a Mennonite

I struggle day to day with honoring God by serving my family.  I don't always keep an immaculate house, I'm inconsistent at best with my toddler-teaching attempts and even though I absolutely love my husband, marriage sure is hard work. 

I love to dance (though any semblance of grace disappeared two babies ago) and I love to write. I think Jesus talks to me best through those two avenues. 

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