Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The silly things; Mr. and Mrs.

One of my favorite things about being married is being able to promote it in silly ways... Wearing those adorable "I love my Husband T-Shirts," seeing the bumper of his car decorated with an "I love my Wife" bumper sticker, "His and Hers" towels and such. It's the silly things that make me happy.  One of the most coveted ways I longed to display our His & Hers status are those cute little mugs. You know, the Mr. and Mrs. ones.
I love this idea! Sitting at home, around our cozy dining room table with the hubby, drinking coffee Sunday morning with our babies running around and simply enjoying the little things in life.

I'm a cornball. It's obvious.
But being able to be a cornball with my Mr is what life is all about.  The Dayspring Mr. and Mrs. Collection is one of those rare finds that lets you scream from the rooftops "I am married and I love it" without being extremely cornball-ish.

Seeing as how February is the month of love, Dayspring featured this particular collection as one of their (in)spired deals and I was lucky enough to be able to review this collection.  I got the beautiful set of mugs and a neat Coupon Book to use with the Hubby. 

As usual, Dayspring's products impressed me with their constant reference and grounding in the Word of God.  The mugs came with a beautiful Scripture from Song of Solomon pressed on the inside of the cup, so that even while I'm drinking, I'm meditating on His Word and His love.  The amazing coupon book came with a series of coupons meant to encourage servanthood and selfless love between man and wife, and (of course) Scriptures to meditate upon as these acts of service are being carried out.

I highly encourage you to go check out Dayspring's website and look around all their (in)spired deals. I promise you won't be let down...

FTC guidelines: I received these products free-of-charge in exchange for an honest review of the product. Zero compensantion has been given to me by Dayspring to review this product

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