Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a testimony of grace

He's here! 
Haven Justice
June 01, 2012

Our little man has finally come and graced us with his presence.  It has been a long blogging hiatus, but as I'm slowly getting adjusted to life with one more pair of little feet around the home, I am encouraged to write and share with ya'll the beauty of His grace in this crazy, hectic, insane and beautiful season of our lives.

Over the last few weeks, we have experienced many different opportunities where the Lord is clearly placing us on the Potter's table and molding us.  The resounding encouragement from His heart to mine in this season is that "There is grace."

There. Is. Grace

There is grace to face today with a newborn and a toddler.  And not only do I have enough grace to survive, I have enough grace to train up my children and spend quality time with them.

There is grace over our family's finances as we face my husband's lay off and unemployment. His Word reminds me that He will meet every single one of our family's needs according to His riches and glory. Last time I checked He is the most magnificent and glorious Being and He delights in showing off His grandeur in our lives.

There is grace over my marriage as we adjust and adapt to the responsibility of one more little soul to shepherd. There is grace to overcome every obstacle and hindrance to intimacy and an abundant, satisfied life.

There is grace. There is grace being poured out over my spirit and heart every second of every day.  I am reminded daily that His grace is sufficient.  That when the house is a mess and my severe OCD is violently offended and therefore my flesh is prone to act out, there is grace extended. I only have to receive it.

There is grace. When our bills pile up and physically all seems at a loss, there is grace to remember that today I have enough.  Whatever tomorrow brings will be faced tomorrow-- and when that moment of testing comes... There will still be grace.

The birth of our son has challenged me to remember His grace, goodness and mercy. It has taught me that sometimes, I can't get it all done.  It has pushed me to rest (foul, foul four letter word) and to slow-down.  It has encouraged me to reconsider my view of success as a keeper and tender of the home.

All in exactly thirteen days.

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