Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weekly Goals Aug 01-Aug 07

There is a *fantastic* "trend" going around the blog world that has Mommies and Homemakers writing out goals for each week and posting them for the online community to see. I love this.  It creates a sense of accountability for me personally if I know you will be keeping up with my progress (or lack thereof!).  Plus-- I'm a list maker. I love making lists and checking them off as I do things. So this is really gonna work for me... I think. ;]

That being said, I will be posting weekly goals on Wednesdays (I know it makes more sense to do it on Mondays, but Mondays are a bit of a hectic day and I may or may not get to them) under several different categories; personal (all things Nicole-- spiritual goals, fitness/health goals, education), parenting (all things Daniella, Aaliya and Haven), marriage (all things Caleb <3 b="b">home
 and blog.  Here we go, week one

Weekly Goals for August 01-August 07

- Have uninterrupted time with the Lord (30-45 minutes) every single day
- Keep up with my Bible reading plans
- Work-Out three times this week
- Look into schooling

- Read two chapters of Baby Wise & Toddler Wise (each)
- Keep up with "Mommy and Me" time with each kid, daily
- Create routine/schedule for Aaliya and Haven using Toddler Wise's suggestions
- Take Aaliya outside for a walk/play 3x
- Finish Aaliya's birthday party invitations

- Go on a date!
- Pray daily over my husband
- Pack his lunch, daily
- Pray with my husband daily

- Finish re-structuring homemaking binder (post soon to come!)
- Put items up for sale that need to be sold
- Organize girls' closet

- Post 4x this week
- Start looking into new layout :D

What're your goals this week?

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