Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekly Goals Aug 08- Aug 15

I have absolutely loved having and setting goals this week. Though it has been a busy week and I can't say I got *everything* accomplished, it's nice to have something to strive for in day-to-day.  Here's a recap of last week.

- Have uninterrupted time with the Lord (30-45 minutes) every single day-- not even once :l
- Keep up with my Bible reading plans

Work-Out three times this week -- worked out twice and a half. Did my video twice and walked around the lake (1mi) once pushing our double stroller. 
- Look into schooling-- not even close

- Read two chapters of Baby Wise & Toddler Wise (each) -- I'm half a chapter away from accomplishing this
- Keep up with "Mommy and Me" time with each kid, daily
- Create routine/schedule for Aaliya and Haven using Toddler Wise's suggestions
- Take Aaliya outside for a walk/play 3x
- Finish Aaliya's birthday party invitations

- Go on a date!
- Pray daily over my husband -- Almost. I have to admit I got busy and forgot a couple of days. Big No-No
- Pack his lunch, daily -- I missed it once. Grrr
- Pray with my husband daily

- Finish re-structuring homemaking binder (post soon to come!)
- Put items up for sale that need to be sold --  I did post them up, but haven't sold anything yet. I have two sales pending though.  However we'll be having a garage sale tomorrow. Hopefully I'll sell it all there.
- Organize girls' closet BIG win :) 

- Post 4x this week--  not even close
- Start looking into new layout :D -- ditto with the above. 

Soooo... This week will be another week of goal setting. Some will be repeats, and some not so much. I admit I stretched myself by making these goals, however can say that I'd rather be stretched than bored! Here are my goals for this week. 

- Start waking up at 7a consistently 
Have uninterrupted time with the Lord (30-45 minutes) every single day
Work-Out three times this week
Look into schooling (I think I'm going to focus on praying about this option and receiving guidance and counsel from the Lord

 Read two chapters of  Baby Wise & Toddler Wise (each)
- Start incorporating daily devotional times with the kids
Take Aaliya & Haven outside for a walk/play 3x
- Finish Aaliya's party planning.

- Pray over my husband daily
- Pray with my husband daily
- Pack his lunch daily
- Refrain from any nagging/negative speech

- Sell/give away all items that are on the "to-get-rid-of" pile
- Come up with a functional cleaning schedule
Finish re-structuring homemaking binder

- Post 3x this week (let's make it a little more realistic)

What're your goals this week?

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