Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby items are piling in!

When I first became pregnant and found out, I have to admit that after the initial bout of excitement, I panicked slightly and questioned God regarding His timing. Caleb & I were experiencing serious growth pangs in our marriage and financially, we were not even ready. But wow, the LORD is so faithful. In my journey over the last four months God has given beyond and abundantly over everything I could have possibly imagined or desired. I am convinced that the child He has entrusted to me in my womb has been created by God, for God and has already been given unto the cause which He has chosen. It it is a simple truth that we all "know" with our minds, but to experience the power of its truth and to come face-to-face with its reality is a humbling experience and I can't help but to share it. :)

First things first, when I starting "popping out a little" and the issue of maternity clothes came up, Caleb became a little nervous about having to go shopping for dress clothes (for work) and all these maternity items that I "needed." Financially, we didn't have extra for clothes, and maternity clothes are very expensive. I placed it at the feet of the LORD and trusted (more like half-hoped!)that in His goodness, He would provide. I planned on purchasing several summer dresses that are made of the "stretchy" material and a couple of pants to take me through work to cut costs. God met my need and has provided an ENTIRE wardrobe of maternity clothes, most of which are practically new and have never been worn. We didn't pay a penny for them. Even when originally the price of $40 was tagged to a chunk of these maternity clothes, I praised the LORD and told Caleb. We were determined to place them in the budget because it was already a deal. Lo and behold, less than 24hrs later, the woman who was selling me these clothes contacts me and tells me she's felt to give them to me for free! Wow, God is so faithful.

Then, the issue of the crib came up. I knew my parents were willing to pay for it and my mom was already talking about it, but my parent's have already spent an insane amount of money on me since I got married (technically, engaged) and I couldn't possibly imagine them purchasing the crib for me. I once again, took it to the LORD in prayer and I placed it in His hands, this time for sure cos' I had nothing to go on. While I was talking to a great friend of mine, she offered up her practically brand-new crib and dresser for once again, nothing. I offered to pay her something for it, but she was intent on giving a blessing and told me not to worry about it. Once again, the LORD came through not only with what I asked for, but threw in the bonus of the dresser as well.

Another thing I placed before the LORD was more of a want rather than a necessity. I've always wanted a rocking chair and I really wanted one for our bedroom for the baby. I mentioned it to the LORD and didn't really think about it again. Won't you know it, I received a phone call from my mom this morning letting me know that her boss offered up a practically-new rocking chair. Did I want it? Uhh, is that a trick question? Of course!! Once again, the LORD provided.

Ohh, I forgot, another friend offered a bouncer (rainforest theme, the really cute one!) for, once again, free. I got a mini-wardrobe for a boy, including several adorable shirts that look Daddy, and a portable high-chair. We also received an offer for a free cover-up breastfeeding thingy and have only paid for shipping. We saved $35 on that alone. Aha! Yeah, the LORD is so good, and so faithful.

Above all the material things He has provided, which is quite incredible, He has provided me with a group of men and women whom I know are truly praying for this baby. Our Church has seen an ongoing attack on the wombs of women and on the children, and in the midst of that, the LORD has raised up people who are interceeding and consistently speaking life into my womb and into this child. It's not one or two people, it has been a flock of people who have approached me and spoken to me, and have prophesized life over this child. That, more than anything humbles me. The purpose and the destiny that I carry forth is beyond comprehension. LORD, You are soo good, so faithful.

"Behold, children are a a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward, like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with their enemies in the gate."
-Ps. 127:3-5

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  1. I posted a comment last night but it's not there. So here I go again. I will help you with the baby room, I love to decorate!!! Invite me over and I'll try to come over :) And the comment you left Travis is right at leat it was healthy, but what I was really expecting was that you thought is sounded good since you are