Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally, an update

Okay, so it has been quite a while since I've updated this blog, and truly it's been quite the roller coaster ride the last three or so months in the Arrazolo household. The next few sentences will create an update and a picture for you as to the mountains that have been conquered, the journeys that have been taken and the lessons that have been learned.

Being pregnant has been a completely new adventure for me. I am so not used to the mood swings, the cravings and the constant exhaustion that my body is feeling with this little person in my tummy. I was blessed enough not to have morning sickness in the physical sense of throwing up, constant nausea, etc (although I did get the ocassional nausea & tummy ache) however, emotionally it was one of the darkest times I have ever experienced. For almost exactly three months, a heaviness and a depression overtook me in a very literal sense and I can't quite say I know why. I hate to attribute it solely to the pregnancy, however it so coincided with my first trimester that it's hard not to. During these three months, I completely forsook my duties as a wife, leaving my house in utter chaos, my marriage in utter chaos, my eating habits in chaos, and even my relationship with my little one in utter chaos (just to name a few). Most importantly, my walk with God was in utter chaos. Hence my lack of writing then. There was zero amount of homemaking in the Arrazolo household. It was soo hard. However, entering into this second trimester, I have to say that things are beginning to look up. The first order of business was getting my very (very!) messy house back in order and bringing my relationship with the LORD to a right standing. It seems there is sunshine after rain, and a lot of blossoming lilies thereafter as well. It is a daily committment as is my marriage, but in everything, I am learning to lean upon the LORD in a fresh new way.

I have completely cleaned the entire household, except the bathrooms (deep-clean anyway) and the little ones' bedroom. The bathrooms WILL get done this week (I haven't had the stuff I need to do so) and so will the kids' room. Someone was kind enough to bless us with a crib and a dresser for the new baby (for free! Hallelujah!) and we will be picking it up Tuesday, therefore I have no choice, but to put that room in order. I feel it's gonna be quite a project and I have to organize myself for it. I'll be making a list of everything that needs to be done this week so that I can do little tasks every day and tackle it that way. Please pray that divine inspiration comes as to how we're gonna do this! It's not a very big room and I have to fit a baby, a four year old and ALL the things both children entail. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Nevertheless, I have learned that we need to take things, one step a time or it will never work.

I am also working on a small project for our office/dining area and our closet. I bought four cork tiles to create "mini-bulletin boards" that will serve as a "living center." It can be an easy way to access prayer requests, phone number we need, to-do's, reminders, etc so that we're not running around like chickens with our heads cut off and living in clutter by stickies we write, but have nowhere to place. I got the idea from Great website that has tons of great ideas. ;)

Last but not least, I plan on saturating our home with Scriptures by posting up index-cards with the WORD in various places throughout our home. That's pretty much all I've got going on. I'll write more this week and update on the baby-room decorating and etc. :)

It's just a little while longer till I see You
It's just a little while longer till I know You
It's just a little while longer and we'll be together...

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  1. I love decorating so let me come over one day.evening this week...or maybe dinner at your house? I can help!!! Can't wait. All of the questions will be answered one you know if the baby is a boy or girl.