Sunday, March 14, 2010


Even admist the storms and the dessert I am finding that the LORD is ever so faithful and that He will truly fulfill your heart's desire. As a wife and mama, leader at a youth ministry as well as an employee it is sometimes hard to find people whom you connect with that you can do life with. See, I'm all about community. My heart is soo into doing life with people. I have so much to learn as a wife, as a mom, and outside of the WORD of God, I believe others' life and experiences are the best tool to learn. In a time of transition in my life, I felt so disconnected and so lost. I felt like "Mama Hen" in a brood of chickies where truthfully I gave more than I did life with (understandbly so). And though that time has prepared me (and continues to do so) for growing as a mama, it was also exhausting and I was feeling lost. I needed adult time, a family to be a family with. The ladies from work are phenomenal, but our views in life are about as different as Heaven and Hell, and our priorities and hearts are set on different things. I prayed, fought the LORD and asked Him to provide. And won't you know it, He did. He's brought in my way a group of Christian couples who are real and funny and solid in His WORD. Granted, I'm not saying we're all soulmates and we're destined to do life together, but, the LORD has heard my cry, and for the time being, He's provided and given me the encouragement of community. That setting tenderizes my heart to grow as a wife and a mama. It places me on the right track because I don't feel alone and I don't feel as though Caleb and I are the only ones who go through "growing pains."

He is so faithful and will continue to be. :)

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