Thursday, October 4, 2012

The main issue in this upcoming election.

This post will probably be a little out of place in a blog geared towards the ministry of mothering, wivering (ha! just made up a word) and homemaking. However, it's October and in a little over a month, this nation will once again decide who they want as their leader and there's something I just have to get off my chest.

This post isn't about bashing any candidate. It isn't about convincing you to vote for one over the other. It isn't really about the election (very much).  It is rather about righteousness and a call to action to all those who claim Christianity as their faith (ahem, "98% of all Americans").

Facebook is inundated by political posts advocating one of the candidates for President and the person's reasoning behind it. Twitter has 3 second blurbs dedicated to advertising one political party over another. I'm sure if I look hard enough there will be thousands of full-length blogs dedicated to this subject. Presidential elections are a big deal. And yet, I don't know how to put this politely, but I don't care who you're voting for.  No offense, but it really doesn't matter to me. Do you wanna know what I care about?

I care about the millions of babies that are unwanted every single year.  A friend put it so tragically beautiful yesterday, "It's a genocide. Between abortions and people unwilling to parent, we have a generation that's being lost in the middle of our selfishness." The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also values life and if we call ourselves Christians, how dare we make excuses for supporting death on behalf of a better economic system for our nation? As Christians, it is our duty to stand with Christ and be ambassadors for His name sake. The last time I read the Gospels, He is life, He loves and gives life and life abundantly. Death has no part in Him and neither should we. And I care about having a President that values life.

I care about the sanctity of marriage. I care about the God-ordained order of things, I care about keeping the sanctity of marriage between man and woman because that is the way it's supposed to be. God designed it that way and He said it was good. I also care about the homosexual. I deeply care about the homosexual.  Just because I believe in the sanctity of marriage doesn't mean I'm a gay-bashing small minded bigot. I disagree with their lifestyles but I deeply care for them. I think they're sinners, but then again, so am I.  I don't think their sin is any "higher" on the sin-scale nor do I think they're doomed to a hotter fire than I am because of my sin. I will not avoid speaking with them, talking with them nor growing in friendships with anybody who chooses that lifestyle. However, I do care about having a President who also values the sanctity of marriage. Not because it's my opinion but because it's God's opinion. 

Here's the crux of it all.  Our nation has shifted it's focus off the important issues and on to something that is insignificant.  The main issue this election Christians, is not the economy.  The economy is not the root of the problem.  It isn't about Obama spending money we don't have, or Bush having ruined our nation with the wars he declared.  It isn't about creating more jobs nor funding a health care bill.  The main issue during this election is whether or not this nation will choose to stand with what God says it's right and wrong.  That will determine our economy and the rest of our fate as a nation.  God doesn't care about the United States' influence in the world nor its balance in the checking and savings account.  He cares about the foundation of this nation and whether or not we will choose to remain rooted in that foundation or twist it to be something it was never intended to be.  Like it or not, history shouts that this nation was founded on Christian principles.  Christian principles that are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self, control, righteousness, peace, mercy.  None of those prove any threat to any one else's beliefs or choices. Christianity is rooted in goodness and good things because that is who God is.  Unfortunately the Church of this nation has gotten off that track and hence we have the small minded gay-bashing insensitive jerks who cry out obscenities to women entering into abortion clinics and declare a physical and verbal war on any belief that is not of Christ.  This nation is full of "churches" who forget that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal and take on a carnal mind to spiritual matters.

But. That is not the point.  The point is this.  God is who He is. Man is dust and He is not. He wraps Himself in light, He is glorious, majestic, all-knowing and righteous.  He is Holy and demands we are so because as Christians, we are of Him and have taken on the nature of the victorious Christ.  As Christians, we should stand for what He stands for no matter the cost.  Politics is a world filled with greed, power, deception and etc.  Romney and Obama are both men-- they are both dust.  But God turns the heart of the king whichever way He desires and He will use either one to bring His purposes for this nation to fruition.  It isn't about who gets elected because they're both weak men, bound to stumble.  Rather, the man chosen is a declaration by the people of this nation of where they stand.  Do they stand with their pocket-books and a liberal movement bound to further-silence righteousness in the name of tolerance or do they stand with a man who believes in life and the sanctity of marriage and who openly believes in the power of prayer to turn this nation back to the beautiful light it once was?

Both men will fail without the Spirit of God. But not both men choose to stand for righteousness. I pray you vote for righteousness so that we can see this nation restored.  

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