Monday, November 12, 2012

Goal Setting 11-12 thru 11-18

A little while back, I began posting my goals for the week up for accountability purposes.  So, I want to get back to that. It worked for me to have the unknown (and somewhat known) world look into my goal-setting list waiting for progress the following week. 

That said, and keeping it simple, here are this week's goals. 

1. Have uninterrupted quiet time with Jesus daily
2. Exercise 3x this week
3. Look into education programs to work on from home
4. Read two chapters of current book I'm reading

1. Have a quiet date night
2. Chat with Hubby on upcoming Christmas holiday and schedule
3. Sit with him and listen to his heart on Bids that Give (more on this later)

1. Have devotional time with kiddies every day
2. Print out "Joy Cards"
3. Make Thanksgiving Chain with them!
4. Plan out Thanksgiving crafts

1. Make rice cereal for Justice
2. Make special-meal-plan for upcoming week
3. Plan Advent activities
4. Keep up with laundry

What are your goals this week?


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