Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goals Nov 20-Nov 26

Yesterday was supposed to be goals day around here. Buuuttttt... well, let's just say it was a busy day and blogging was not on my radar.  Nevertheless, I do want to keep up with it, so here's last week's updates with this week's goals.

1. Have uninterrupted quiet time with Jesus daily -- I did really well at abiding in Him throughout the day regarding conversations with Him and such, but it wasn't uninterrupted, and it wasn't always quiet. 
2. Exercise 3x this week -- HA! Not even once. Oops. Here's to the reset button.
3. Look into education programs to work on from home I think I found the one I want to pursue, but Caleb and I are still praying about it and whether now is the time for it, or not. 
4. Read two chapters of current book I'm reading

1. Have a quiet date night -- Not even close
2. Chat with Hubby on upcoming Christmas holiday and schedule -- Sortaaaa.  Def will do this week, though
3. Sit with him and listen to his heart on Bids that Give (more on this later)

1. Have devotional time with kiddies every day -- We had daily worship time, but I wasn't crazy intentional about sitting down and having set-apart, devotions time. Oops. 
2. Print out "Joy Cards" -- I missed my chance. 
3. Make Thanksgiving Chain with them!
4. Plan out Thanksgiving crafts
What our Thanksgiving wall looked like last week
1. Make rice cereal for Justice -- He *hated* it by the way. He is eating some yummy peas and sweet potatoes now though. 
My little guy post pea meal :) 
2. Make special-meal-plan for upcoming week -- I decided with certain events in our life last week, it'd be better to save this for *after* the holidays.
3. Plan Advent activities -- Not even close
4. Keep up with laundry I only have the kids' clothes to wash today :) 

Here is an update on this week's goals.

1. Finish CARES application (again, more on this later. Lots of exciting changes going on for our family!)
2. Exercise 3x this week
3. Read two more chapters of current book
4. Wake up around 630a every day. 

1. Pray together as a couple, several times this week (>2)
2. Talk about Christmas coming up
3. Have a date night
4. Remind him how thankful I am for him

1. Talk about intentional thanksgiving that comes from the heart
2. Have special "Mommy & Me" time with each baby
3. Pray, every day, for my babies

1. Menu Plan & Grocery Shop (we've been living off several small grocery trips)
2. Try two new recipes for Thanksgiving
3. Keep up with basic home duties
4. Plan for Advent

What are your goals this week? 


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