Friday, October 29, 2010

Daniella's fifth birthday!

My oldest is five years old. Sighhhhhh. I can't believe she's already five and heading into Kindergarten next year. I remember meeting her as a baby of oneish, maybe two and her being absolutely petrified of everyone that wasn't her Daddy... She has been such a God-send to me and I truly love her like my own. I remember a "vision" I once had of my children. I saw 3 children. I saw a tall girl with long black hair, the middle one was another girl by the name of "Liberty" and she was super sweet and gentle. Then, I saw a baby boy. It was crazy. Looking back at that, I believe my oldest is Daniella. In the dream the little girl portrayed strength and that's exactly what Daniella is, strong. In her five short years lived, she's had to come face to face with some brutal consequences and has undergone more transition and change than is fair for such a young girl. And yet, my girl comes out of it with a smile on her face (most days), with a fiery love for her daddy, a beautiful loyalty to her mother and a sweet tenderness and affection toward me. Let's also not forget the adorable possessiveness she has for her baby sister. I am super duper proud of her. My heart radiates with love for her. I never want to try to substitute her mother, not only because I never could, but because that is not the role God has granted to me in her life. I am indeed her stepmother, and much like her mother could never be replaced, I've come to learn that neither can I. :) So, in ode to my pumkin' pie's fifth birthday here's my five favorite things about my Lou.
1. I love how beautifully discerning she is.
2. I love it when we say our "I love you riddle." It melts my heart everytime.
3. I love that she calls me 'Cole. :)
4. I love that she's got so many characteristics that are like me. Just a few, enough for me to notice and smile. ;)
5. I love her excited face and sweet prayers of faith.

I love you Daniella Grace. I hope you know that...

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