Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mommyhood begins in Wifeyville

“She does him good and not evil all the days of her life.” -Proverbs 31:12

I know. There are plenty of single mothers out there who are fantastic mothers in “Mommyhood” without being part of “Wifeyville.” Yes, I know. And I totally agree. But this is about my journey, and my journey starts in “Wifeyville.” The longer I’m married, the more and more I realize that marriage is nothing about me and everything about my partner. Marriage is about giving of yourself without reservations regardless of the outcome. It is about loving the way Jesus loves. It is about a love that covers a multitude of sins. I have to admit, as women it is very common for us to become critical and bitter with husbands because of unmet expectations. It is easy to drift off and fantasize and wish our husband was “as spiritual as Suzy’s.” Well, I have recently learned that is operating and tolerating a spirit of Jezebel. Not to mention, how selfish of us. God has given unto us a “good thing,” a husband and father unto our children and the moment he shows a sign of humanity and weakness, we emotionally bail and check out. It should be our honor to fight for our husband’s spiritual welfare. Our wedding vows included “for better or worse.” It’s “the worse” part we pretend doesn’t exist when everything hits the fan, but it is this season of night, or this time of winter that produces and makes way for the warmth of dawn and the beauty and fragrance of spring. So, to whomever is reading, as I encourage myself through writing this blog, my prayer is that you’ll be encouraged as well. As the spiritual barometers of our home, my prayer is that we will honor our husbands by praying for their spiritual well being and that, in everything we are thankful for them. The dawn of spring will come, and oh what a beautiful day that will be!

Mommy’s Learned Lessons,

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