Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mommy Blunder

Okay. So my little one drinks Baby's Only Organic DAIRY formula and her Timmy loves it. She was on the organic Similac, however after the recall, I decided I didn't wanna risk Aaliya drinking beetlejuice anymore and I swapped over. After doing my research too, Baby's Only comes out cheaper than Similac. Well, this particular organic formula is only sold in two places in Central FL (that I know of). Whole Foods & Chamberlains. The closest (and cheapest!) place to us is Whole Foods. However, out of five or six times that I've either called or showed up, they've only had that particular formula once! (ok, maybe twice). Nevertheless, that is ridiculous!! The last three times I've gone shopping for formula has turned into a wild goose hunt. I've driven to store after store looking For the formula with no luck. Every location sold out! Twice, mind you, with Aaliya having absolutely no more formula. Being a procrastinator is definitely not something that is becoming of a mommy. Nevertheless, today was by far the longest drive yet. I called every WholeFoods store, and every Chamberlains store was absolutely sold out of the dairy formula. Until finally, I found a can. Mommy drove out to Kissimmee for a single can of formula, which lasts around 4 days. Yeah, not fun. So, this mommy has decided to shop online for formula in bulk, because this is just ridonkulous! Gotta low Mommy blunders of an empty can of formula and the search for the organic, tree hugging, impossible to find formula.

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