Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The House-Hunting Chronicles, pt. 1

So, recently (very!), my husband and I prayerfully decided to purchase a home. We believe the Lord has given us a gift of hospitality and we desire to own a larger home so that we may open our home in a greater fashion. After all, it's a buyer's market and it should be a piece of cake, right? WRONG! So wrong! We have found many a houses we like, however they have all been short sales (which means they take SUPER long) or slightly out of our budget. It has been a crazy experience and it's only just begun. We are coming against a few challenges, so, I'm masking you join us in prayer in this matter.

- Pray we find a home we like in a nice neighborhood within our price point.
- Pray financing, inspections and everything else goes smoothly with no set-backs.
- Pray for supernatural favor with seller and financing. 6% closing costs!
- Pray for supernatural provision for this house.

How may I pray for you?

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