Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Mother's Calling

I have always wanted to be a mom. I never forced it, nor did I want it out of it's God's intended timing, but growing up, I always knew I had the "calling" of a mother. Ironically, there have been several encouraging, prophetic words spoken over me saying that I carry "a mother's anointing." What a blessing, honor and privilege to carry the calling of a mother. I think of my precious gift, Aaliya Liberty, and am super choked up at the thought that the Lord has given her to me, as a gift, and that He knows she belongs to Him, and I am but a steward of His children. Nevertheless, the grace poured out over this mama since the birth of her little "defender of freedom" has had her in a perpetual state of thanksgiving and awe at how good my God is. Regardless of the good, the bad, and the ugly choices I have made, my sweet precious girl has been the favor of the Lord upon my life. Despite the hardships faced (financially, emotionally) because of choices made to rear her, that sweet precious life is worth it all... Then, I think about my sweet Daniella Grace. She is not of my womb, and yet she is mine. I have loved her as my firstborn and prayed to the God above she will know no difference in my love between her and her sister. Once again, the Lord has been gracious, and He has heard my cry. If my Father can grant to me the grace to love another's child as if it were my own, then I cannot help but think He is calling my family to become the family of a rejected child, a wounded teenager or a stranded soul. My husband (whether he knows it or not) carries the burden of a father, and I believe one of the reasons He places us together... Grant to this family, oh God, a burden for adoption, for fostering and for providing for this generation!

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