Sunday, November 21, 2010

The joys (and trials!) of being a stay at home mom!

I have been a stay at home mom now for 13 weeks (a little longer, but 13 weeks with Aaliya) and I've got to say that it has been one of the most fulfilling 13 weeks if my life. I love staying home with my little girl, I love being able to wake up in the morning and enjoy her right alongside (and much more!) of my morning coffee. I love having her smiles and gurgles fill up my day and I love not missing her firsts and her quirks. Along with those joys have come many trials and changes so to speak. Our lifestyle has drastically changed and so has our comfort level. Weekly lunches and goin out have made their way out and in its place have come lots of tears and prayers that God will come through and provide for us our daily bread. I am so pleased to say, He has yet to let me down. Our lifestyle has changed, but we know this is just a season. When I start to panic and begin to look for 9-5 kinda work, I remember that this is only a season. Aaliya will only be a baby once and how important it is for her and for me to be there, helping establish a solid foundation. We may not have the little (and big!) extras we may desire, but when I'm sitting with Aaliya and her gummy smile lights up the room, I remember (dare I forget!) that she is my special blessing and worth every sacrifice made. I remember vacations are temporary, entertainment is time wasted and things will be eaten by moths.

PS. Mary Jo over at Covenant Homemaking is having a great series on "Coming Home." Make it a point to check it out.

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