Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Honoring our husbands with our words

Sunday night, seven mommies gathered together in a cozy living room to do and share life together. Titus 2 Mommies Ministry was underway.

We laughed, we shared our triumphs and our fails and most importantly, we prayed for one another.

As we begin this journey into the heart of Titus 2, our first step is to love our husbands. That is, after all, Paul's first exhortation to the younger women.
"...so that they may encourage the younger women to love their husbands, love their children." Titus 2:4

So, the very first aspect of loving our husbands? Honoring them with our words!

We live in a culture, where the "stupid husband" has become the epitomy of comedy and the "independent woman" the epitomy of the female psyche. Unfortunately, neither line up with the Scripture, and neither are God's best for His people.

Our culture relishes verbal disdain and dishonor, especially to men. Mostly because men work on a respect first, then love basis (read, Love & Respect). When we dishonor them, we are cutting to the very core of their being.

So, we discussed James 3. And James 1:26, perhaps one of the most convicting Scriptures I've read recently.
"If anyone considers [her]self religious, yet does not bridle [her] tongue, this [wo]man's religion is worthless"


So, I have made it my goal to speak life into my husband every day; in private and in public. I want my husband's reputation to be great, not only because of his godly character and immense wisdom, but because I speak volumes about him. I desire our home to be a refuge from this death culture, where life springs forth prophetically, day after day after day. Never lying, but never cursing nor insulting. As I've meditated on these truths these past few days, I know that I [mostly] honor my husband, yet there are times and ways where I slip up and let dishonor and disdain run out of my mouth... "Oh, yeah that actor dude, he's sooo cute..." "ALL MEN are slobs, bleh bleh..." "Why can't he just put the dirty clothes in the laundry? It's not rocket science!"


So, I have repented both to the Lord and to my husband, and have vowed to strive to honor him in every word I speak. Scripture teaches us that life and death is found in the power of the tongue and as wives, we can choose to bring life to our husbands in every way (their spirits, their identities, their giftings, their emotions) or to speak death and cause them to become like the cultural epitomy of comedy, the stupid husband who just doesn't get it.

In everything I choose life. I choose life for him and I choose life for me.

Do the words you speak about and to your husband encourage him or bring him down?


  1. This is really good, Nicole. Thank you for posting this. It was an incredible time together Sunday and I'm already excited about the next one. I have to say, I was pretty mortified since I'd just told the silly story about Nick bludgeoning the snake and I had to clean it up. You're absolutely right, we should be uplifting and life-giving in ALL our words. A great teaching and reminder about the power of our tongues.

  2. Hey Dixie...
    You forget I'd just shared with you my feelings on my husband's grooming habits. I was whining & complaining about how long he takes, the way he does his hair, what he wears. Yikes! lol.

    So, I think it goes both ways. ;] We'll keep helping each other out. hehe