Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Aaliya is almost six months old!

Aaliya Liberty <3

I can't believe my little one will be six months old in two weeks! Time has flown far too quickly and I'm not sure I love it. I want so very desperately to hold on to her little, squishy and cuddly. Just like she is now. So, I wanted to let you in on my little one's quirks, the little things she does that make Mommy && Daddy fall in love all over again...

- Aaliya now eats solids. And when she is being fed, she makes sure to say a great big "AHHHH" every single time she's ready for a bite. (Not to mention, she enjoys blowing raspberries with food in her mouth. This part, Mommy isn't so crazy over)
- She said "mama" last Monday and I've gotta say it was one of the highlights of my LIFE! She has yet to say it since then though, so, we're still working on it.
- Little Miss has such a BIG personality and is so very head strong. But in this big personality she's got a big smile, a big hug and big love.
- She's rolling all over the place and scooting. Not quite crawling, but I gotta say, I have a feeling it's right around the corner. Mommy loves rolling and scooting with her.
Little Miss is an amazing blessing and we are so blessed to have her and praise the Lord for her every day.

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