Saturday, February 26, 2011

ideas and a very important lesson

I remember being younger and having all these ideas of what Mommyhood and being a stay-at-home would look like. My children would be on a perfect routine, be well-behaved, never ever have a blow out or massive spit running down their chin. My home would be "child-friendly" but never messy. My husband would come home after a long day working and help out and I would have it all figured out.

Yeah, my reality is far different from my ideas.

It really is quite hysterical when you think of it. I have gladly (ok, so not so gladly in the beginning) given up my ideas of living in a Pottery Barn catalogue and in the last six months, I'd have to say the most important thing I've learned is that at the end of the day, if the dishes aren't done and the house is slightly messy, what truly matters is that my children learned about Jesus today. That Mommy took time today to pray with them, share with them stories about our wonderful Savior; Mommy worshipped extravagantly right alongside them. Mommy taught them how to run to Jesus, not just about that man.

I looked around my home today and was so utterly content with what the Lord has done in our lives. I strive for more and yet am so thankful for this season.


My house was a "wreck" by most eyes, there were toys everywhere, three kids rolling, crawling and running around (my third was that little boy, remember Sammy?), but the sweet sound of kids' praise and worship was blaring in the background and I couldn't be more honored to have ministered to their little hearts, each in their own special way. I would this with 12 if the Lord so chose it...

So, in conclusion... Although being a homemaker is super important and I value such a calling, time spent is what truly matters.

What good is a clean home if my kids didn't get Momma today?


  1. Well said! We started so young that I didn't have too many pre-conceived notions on how it would "look", but I definitely have an "IDEAL" in the back of my head that never gets met. I keep striving and God keeps blessing, and the kids keep growing and thriving. And so it goes...

  2. I love how so on the same page us mommys are! It is soo encouraging and beautiful! I totally agree, I absolutely agree with all that you are saying. I love how the Lord is raising up a group or an army of moms who are determined to raise up their children in the ways of the Lord, not just in a list of to do's and dont's kind of way but in a "Only he can satisfy" kind of way, that hey can grow up knowing the father heart of God and His acceptance....I just love it.