Thursday, April 1, 2010

I need your help!

Okay, so now that we found out that the baby in my tummy is a lovely little girl I'm quite the busy mama hen trying to figure everything out, since I have to decorate for two little girls and not just one. No, I'm not having twins, but Daniella Grace, my four-year-old is sharing a room with little Aaliya Liberty my coming princess, so I want to be able to purchase the things I need to decorate Daniella's bed and the entire room with time. That being said, I'm undecided and I need your help to pick. I'm posting below four different beddings (all with similar themes) and I'd like to know your opinion. Leave a comment below with your favorite room and maybe this'll make my decision making easier. (Anyone figured out I'm very indecisive, yet?) Anyways, check them out, and get to voting!!

This one my amazing sister-in-law Cheri picked out. It's BananaFish from Babies R' Us.
No Big Girl set for this one, so creativity will have to flow for Daniella's side.

The Amazing Brooke from Pottery Barn Kids!

Big Girl Set

The Kelsey, also from Pottery Barn Kids.

Big Girl Set.

The Beautiful Penelope, from Pottery Barn Kids.
Slight problem, no big-girl set. Boo! :l

So, which one's your favorite?


  1. 1. THE AMAZING BROOKE. I love how the colors are used in this set. too cute!

    2. THE KELSEY. two words come to mind---sweet & dainty.

    3. BANANAFISH. I was gonna say The Beautiful Penelope but the crib skirt seemed too plain.


  2. I LOVE THE BROOKE!!!!!! I love the owls (they are wise) and I love the love birds (that represnt the unity of two) Love the concept and the look!!
    If I had a second opinion it would be The Kelsey, teh only thing that I don't like about that on is the yellow.

  3. I like the sweet girlyness of the Kelsey. I love pink with yellow myself & the flowing tree shape is appealing & soothing. I'm not real fond of the "lollipop" trees on the Brooke. How's progress coming?