Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Ten on Pregnancy!

Top Ten Best Things about Being Pregnant! (in no particular order)

1. Can you say, vessel of life?!
2. Hearing the heartbeat.
3. Seeing your little monkey via sonogram.
4. Getting out of most major tedious projects just because you have a baby bump.
5. Buying pink onesies and silver tutus! :D
6. Getting to shop & decorate for your little one's room.
7. Having the blessing of God upon your marriage.
8. Getting presents everytime people see you!
9. Having people donate their food, just bcos' you're preggers.
10. Clean house! (Hey, this nesting thing is fantastic and frustrating all at the same time!)

Top Ten NOT so fun things about being pregnant! (also in no particular order)

1. These stupid things called hormones. Why Jesus, why? NO Purpose to them!
2. Undershirts riding up your belly making themselves more bras than undershirts.
3. Being too big for your regular jeans, but not big enough for maternity stuff.
4. Everyone thinking you can't do anything because you have some foreign disease called Pregnancy.
5. Everyone's strange need to tell you their birth horror story.
6. Everyone's innate need to touch, rub, talk to and put their face up against your belly. Yes, even strangers.
7. Random nausea. Not enough to make you throw up, and yet suddenly, you're sick to your stomach.
8. Crying at the drop of a hat.
9. Cravings. Although Double-Stuffed Oreo's are great, I'd prefer NOT to have them everyday Aaliya, thank you very much.
10. The comments on how big you are. I mean, must you tell me everytime you see me how big I've gotten in two days? Yeah, no.

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