Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kids' Room Progress!

Soo, my two little girls' room was (and has been!) quite the mess, for quite a long time now. Tonight, I got one of, what I like to call, my mommy-nesting energy bursts and decided to tackle that room (and closet!) and although not completely done, I've made QUITE the progress, and I'm so pleased! :) All I need to do is throw away the three bags of trash, vacuum and finish organizing some knick-knacks, and voila! Instant kids' room. Now, if I can only figure out how to fit the furniture in a cute, functional way!

I arranged the closet so that all of Daniella's toys fit into the closet neatly in the bookshelf. They're organized nice and neat, but in a kid-friendly way so that she can clean-up all by herself the same way "Cole" did. :) Before, this closet was literally FILLED top-to-bottom in toys.

This is Daniella's side of the closet. No more strained-out clothes and rushing around to try to find the matching skirt to the cute top for her. All good & ready for her to pick out her own outfit in her independent four-year-old self! :)

One of my co-workers got this onesie set for Aaliya (the littlest Arrazolo in my tummy) and the baby socks were a wedding present from an old-friend. Not much in there quite yet, but I'm sure this collection is bound to grow, leaps and bounds. Just couldn't leave little Aaliya out. hehe.

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