Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homemade Baby Food! Yipee! =)

So, remember when I said I wanted to start making things from scratch?

Well, I did it!

Well, not all of them of course... But I'm on my way! On Monday I made my very first batch of baby food and may I just say it was super easy and kinda fun!

On the menu:
Peaches && Yogurt
Sweet Potatoes

I wanted to start off easy so that I didn't frighten myself and convince myself out of it. I'm glad I did because with this first batch, I'm gaining confidence and I'm ready to take on the entire world (okay, maybe not the whole world, but I'm loving this cooking from scratch thing-- I think I can do it!)

Here is a memory book post on my "homemade baby food" journey... =)

I started off with the peaches. I used frozen ones because I'd heard fresh fruit turned brown when frozen. I allowed the peaches to be thawed, and then went ahead and threw them in the blender. I want to be able to do the baby food by the bulk since I'm using a blender and not a food processor. (*note: The blender glass is dirty because this was round 2 on the peaches. I forgot to take pictures the first go-around.)

I decided to add a little yogurt to the peaches because I had a hard time getting them to be completely pureed and because Aaliya is a huge yogurt fan! This actually turned out quite yummy and Aaliya loves it.

Tadaaa! Complete result =)

I found these great containers at Babies R' Us that I love! One of my concerns when making the baby food in bulk was how to store it. Some recommended the ice-cube tray method, but seeing as I wasn't sure how many ounces and such Aaliya would be getting when I found these at Babies R' Us I decided to try them. They are fairly inexpensive and I love them! (2 trays of 8 for $10.99, add a coupon [or two] and voila!)They are 2oz containers and they allow me to mix and match for Aaliya's menu. I shall be returning to the store for more!

On to the sweet potatoes! Peeled, cut and boiled, check!

In the blender they go... (note: I did add a little bit of formula to her sweet potatoes. Again, it just helps puree and gives it flavor)

Once again... tadaaa!

It's a work in progress... =)

The mess I was left with afterwards... Not bad.
Especially since the crock-pot thingy is in the sink. Haha!

These are the nifty things I was telling ya'll about. =)

She looked a little concerned at first, but I promise she liked it ya'll! =)

What about you? What have you cooked up from scratch in the kitchen this week? Are you inspired to make your own baby food yet?

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  1. Good job Nicole! I just to do that with lani and I loved it. It made me feel so productive. As she got older though and got more picky I slowly stopped. But keep going, thats awsome!