Thursday, April 7, 2011

starting from scratch

So I've been on this kick lately and I've decided I want to make as many things from scratch as possible.

Part of preparing for the times ahead (take a look at the news and you'll note that our nation is in grave danger and we should be good stewards of every resource in not only providing for today, but preparing for potential crisis.

I have been seeking guidance and wisdom from other wives and mamas on how they are super resourceful. I've come across the exact same two answers time and time again.

Couponing and making things from scratch.

So naturally, I will be pursuing both and hopefully becoming super good at them! =)

My first priority is learning to make things from scratch. I will, of course, be combining couponing (to the best of my novice ability) but will really be focusing on making things from scratch and (hopefully!) freezing them.

I think this will be such a time and money saver as purchasing and making in bulk tends to be the most frugal and cost-effective.

I am so excited!

So, here's my "from-scratch" list:

1) Baby Food: Super excited about this one. I figured I'd try some basic fruits and veggies first and then I would jump in and mix 'em up and make yummys!

2) Homemade Yogurt: Aaliya's been on a yogurt kick lately and Caleb and I enjoy it (well, I do... sometimes) so why not? Plus, it's a neat way to add affordable and healthy snacks into our daily routine.

3) Amish Bread: Don't know if you know, but I've been on an Amish kick lately. I am fascinated with everything Amish. =) Sooo I'm gonna attempt the Amish Bread. Suuuuper excited and I hear it's so yummy.

4) Sofrito: This is a puerto-rican seasoning marinade-ish kinda thing. It's not hard at all, but I normally buy it and I figured making it would be best.

5) Red Beans: This is probably gonna be interesting... So, we'll see...

So, what sorta stuff do you make from scratch? Any tips or recipes you're willing to share?

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  1. Cooking/baking from scratch is a great way to save money AND serve your family healthier food, so it's definitely something I prioritize too. :)

    One thing I try to make from scratch frequently (though I did take a break for a bit after Benjamin's birth) is tortillas. Most of the ones in the store have some pretty gross ingredients, and the high quality ones are SO pricey. The best (read: easiest) recipe I've found is in Heavenly Homemaker's ( ebook called Totally Tortillas.