Friday, April 22, 2011

the line in the sand

Happy Good Friday Ya'll! =)

I got the absolutely outstanding opportunity to spend some time with both my daughters and do a devotional this morning.

It really humbles me when the reality of Christ's plan for my life really hits me. He has chosen to be a parent to both these little girls. He has trusted me to steward their upbringing.

So, naturally, today I told them the story of Christ's death and His resurrection. I wanted to go into as much as detail as possible without compromising Daniella's innocence, but still tell the entire truth.

The last thing I want is to teach my daughter a watered-down gospel.

Honestly though... It was hard and I mostly struggled through it. How do I explain to my 5 yr old that Jesus was stripped, beat, had his beard ripped out and was silent like a lamb for His glory, His purposes and His love?

I don't want to compromise the word of God, but I want to preserve my little on'e's innocence as much as possible.

Such is the latest challenge here in the Arrazolo household.

As I was struggling, choking on words to explain to my little one how Jesus died on that wondrous cross, I sent a silent plea to heaven for some serious help.

Once again I am reminded that I am simply a steward for my children and His leading will never lead me astray. Asking His help before devotional would probably be a good idea and learning more about my children will better equip me for devotionals like today.

There is just simply no "one size fits all" parenting and what works with Daniella probably won't with Aaliya.

This parenting business is a day to day, moment to moment reminder of our dependance on the precious Holy Spirit. It is an outward journey that screams out to me "My ways are better than yours and My thoughts are higher!"

"Thank you Holy Spirit for the uniqueness in each of my daughters and for your leading and guiding in parenting every step of the way. Lead me on Abba! Lead me on..."

What about you? How do you both spiritually and practically discern between what and how to explain "difficult" concepts to your children?

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