Monday, August 22, 2011

the ABC's of my little big one year old!

(writers note: I started this post on her birthday, but due to just... being busy... I didn't get a chance to finish it till now. Sooo, pretend it's August 19th again. K? K!)

One year ago today I received the most wonderful gift (outside of salvation) I think I've ever received.  It was her birthday, but she was my gift.  In honor of my precious girls' birthday, I'm gonna go from A to Z in all things Aaliya Liberty! (thanks Kari for the idea! hehe)

A is for Awake 
This morning at 230a, little Miss Liberty woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep.  She just wanted to be held.  And although at first I have to admit that I was kinda annoyed at the interruption of my Beauty Sleep (HA!) I eventually realized that it was an answer to my prayer; I was getting time to snuggle with my little big girl. It doesn't happen often since she's just so Active

B is for Bath Time
Seriously, my kid is a fish. 'Nuff said

C is for Crawling
Because she's all over the place. And getting into everything... ;)

D is for Dancing Queen  

Aaliya carries music as part of her DNA. I'm convinced. Anytime music comes on, she starts to dance. Just like her Momma in that aspect. 

E is for Expressions

In my baby album my Daddy had an entire page devoted to pictures of my baby expressions.  Just to keep the tradition going, I think a digital version of it is perfect. :)  And boy I tell ya, that little Missy has enough expressions for several pages worth of expressions. Hehe

F is for Family

Aaliya is incredibly blessed to have an immense family that just *loves* her. 

G is for Glow Worm

Aunt Cheri got Aaliya her Glow Worm for Christmas this past year, and it has become her all time favorite toy.  She presses it, is mesmerized by the light for a second then starts to dance at the lullaby-ish songs it plays.  It is a life saver when a melt down is imminent. ;)

H is for Highchair

Probably her favorite place to be (besides the tub).  Snacking, eating and just hanging out there is one of her favorite things to do.  Sometimes I put her on there to do table-top activities. :)

I is for Ingeniously Einstein

(okay, okay, I was struggling with I, but you get it)

Aaliya loves loves loves her Baby Einstein.  Though we don't encourage a great deal of television at home, this is one sure-fire way to get the wiggles to melt away to total and complete stillness. :)

J is for Joy
Aaliya has always been an unbelievable source of joy to our lives.  While she was in the womb, one of our Church members prophesied that she would bring joy to our family in a manner which was from the throne of God.  It would be Heavenly Joy to rear her and to know her.  And I can say this has already come to pass in so many beautiful ways. 

K is for Kangaroo

Missy loved to be close to Mommy when she was a wee thing.  Like a kangaroo. ;)

L is Liberty

Her name means Defender of Liberty.  
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!"

M is for Milkaholic

Ever since Aaliya weaned herself off her formula at 11 months.  She decided she didn't want it anymore so we tried some organic cow's milk.  Since then, she has doubled her milk intake and become quite the milkaholic.  I love it. :) She'll have strong bones! ;]

N is for Nena

Our cutesie nickname for her given by her Titi Rachel... It just kinda stuck.
Oh, and this was her first non "Mama" "Dada" word. ;)

O is for One Year Old!

Because that's what she is today!

P is for Percussionist

During her birthday party today, Aaliya opened up Mommy and Daddy's present, a play drum and a tambourine.  Aaliya played with both and kept tempo at an impressive rate. She's always been quite the genius with tempo and music and she's been quite the musically inclined child.
She's a salsera in the making... hehe

Q is for Quirks
Because she's got a ton of them!

R is for Reading
Boo-Boo's a reader just like Mommy.  Everyday we pray it becomes a hunger to read His Word as she continues to grow.

S is for Sister

Anytime Big Sister walks into the room, Aaliya's face lights up with a beautiful smile and anyone from a mile away can tell how absolutely close they are.  I pray this grows daily and they grow up to become best friends.

T is for Talking... a lot
Aaliya loves to babble words and (what she thinks) are sentences!
It's absolutely adorable-- most of the time.
Not sure where she gets the whole talking a lot thing from. ;)

U is for Under...

Aaliya *loves* to put her head on the floor, her bottom up and look in between her legs under everyone else.
It's adorable.
In Puertorican culture it (apparently) means she's asking for a sibling... Hmm?

V is for Viejita

This absolutely adorable face we love to see!

W is for Worship
Because we know she's got the calling to worship every day before the throne of God.
And as a baby, she praises with the best of angels. ;)

X is for Xtra Special

Y is for Yawning

I love that she yawns a lot. ;)
It makes Mommy smile.

Z is for Zzzz
Good Night sweet baby. I love youu! 


  1. This is too sweet! I wish I would have thought of something so cute!

  2. That is such a sweet, beautiful post. Your daughter must be very special.