Monday, August 22, 2011

back to school with a purpose!

This summer was quite the tennis game in deciding whether to homeschool the Eldest or not.  Being as we have quite the unique scenario, we pretty much decided the week before school started...

Nevertheless, our little Evangelist (because our little one has such a beautiful heart for the lost) was ready to go on August 16th for her very first day of Kindergarten.  We decided on a Christian private school.  But having done so, we knew that not everyone who attends knows Jesus.  So, this past weekend we talked with Daniella and prayed with her.  We reminded her to shine forth the light of the Father so that others might see Jesus.

"But Cole, isn't it a Christian school. Aren't people supposed to know Jesus?" she asks me in all the innocence any human being could posses.

"Yes baby.  But just because they go there doesn't mean they know Jesus.  Just like sometimes people come to Church, but they don't know Jesus.  It's about making choices to love Him, remember?"

A look of sudden understanding bursts forth in her face and suddenly understanding turns into what I'd like to call, godly sorrow.  Her eyes shone with the broken heart from a little girl realizing that it is not Church or Private Christian School that makes her friends Christians, but their choice to love and accept Jesus Christ and His precious gift of salvation. Realizing that some of her new will-be friends may not know Jesus filled her with an eagerness to start the new school year with a purpose: To shine forth the Father's light in good deeds, so that whoever sees it may believe that He is good and that He is God. (based off Matthew 5:16)

Dayspring's Back to School collection was sent for us to review this month.  Turns out the theme for this month has been "Back to school with a purpose." Haha. Isn't God funny.

As usual, Dayspring's products have surpassed quality expectations and absolute adorableness.  We were sent the God Recycles collection and how beautiful it is that we can use this collection as one of those tools for the Eldest to ensure that her light is always shining for Jesus.  We love it!

Go check out and look around their website.  Maybe you'll find a little something that will cause your or your child's light to shine ever so brighter.. =)

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*In compliance with FTC guidelines: DaySpring gave me these products for review and that all opinions are my own.

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