Wednesday, August 3, 2011

brief update and a promise I'll stay in touch

I'm sitting in front of our desktop computer, knowing exactly what I want to/need to/should write about, but it feels so foreign.  I've been gone from the blogging world for ten days and truthfully, it feels like an eternity.  But, as they say in good ol' Broadway fashion, the show must go on.

Several (as in quite a few) exciting and non-exciting things have happened in our lives these last few weeks.  It has been busy, and there's no promise that it'll slow down.  But finally after almost a year (ha!) I really feel like our entire family (mostly) is falling into step and we are back to dancing that glorious dance of life without missing a whole lot of steps.

My covenant sister with Josiah in her
belly (although you can't see it!)
First things first, I had family in town two weeks ago which is what caused the general blogging break to begin with.  Having the Husband's family in town is always an amazing blessing and such a sweet gift.  It's no secret that often times I wish to be in Georgia with them instead of where I am, but He's completely Sovereign and has a purpose in keeping us here (I hope!) We had a wonderful time while they were here! We didn't do anything *exciting* per-se, but I got to snuggle with my niece and nephews and rub my sister-in-law's belly with my little man Josiah in there!  It was truly a gift to spend time with them and the Lord used many of the conversations and circumstances that happened that week to speak greatly into our family's life. Praise the Lord! He who began a good work in us is Faithful and will complete it unto the day of Christ Jesus! 
Aunt Cole with two of the three kiddos
and our eldest, of course! :)

Second thing is another great bit of excitement! Remember when I told ya'll I was finally committing to this blogging thing?  Well, we are absolutely pressing on with that and completely redesigning the page! I was incredibly blessed by an individual who payed for a full year of blog-hosting and I am currently blessed by a "big-little brother" who is helping me put the page together! So, keep an eye out for the domain change and all that jazz! :)

The third and probably most important update is that after prayerful consideration, the Husband and I have decided that I will be returning to work part-time.  The opportunity has come up several times and this is the first time either one of us feel any peace about it.  I had a very hard time at first, knowing that I was going to leave Aaliya for about 10hrs a week with someone else, but truthfully, Christ has shown me so much love and affection during this time that I feel completely at peace with all of it!

Something quite amazing that has come out of it is that I am now truly cherishing the time that I get with her.  I took for granted the time I had with her and would become frustrated, more times than not when it came to her (very fiery and very feisty) personality and wouldn't really enjoy much the time I had for her.

Since this decision has been made I have read to her everyday, I have chosen to cuddle and play with her over housework and have learned the meaning of contenment (more of that at a later post).  I can't describe it, but knowing that I have to return to work has actually made me a better momWho woulda thunk?

I look forward with sharing with you guys some of the lessons God has completely wrecked me with over the last few weeks. I look forward to talking to ya'll soon! =)

What's been going on with you? How have you been doing?

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