Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Family Brand

I was sitting in the prayer room, in my very worn and very well-known chair. It wasn't my typical day to be there, but I needed to be there nonetheless. The prayer focus is on families, and I begin to really press into His presence and pray for the amazing little gift God has given to me-- these three little blessings and my insanely amazing husband.

Then, I begin to feel His Spirit speak to my heart and He starts to tell me all about our "Family Brand." A brand is a mark made by burning or otherwise to indicate kind, grade, make or ownership. Because of the amazing gift that my family has been to me, I am committed to ensuring that everything our family indicates points straight to the One who has made and who owns our family and everything it's about.  I want our family brand to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ and the order He has ordained perfectly for our family. I want the Arrazolo's way-of-life to show off who He is... And I want you to join me.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be on a journey to figure out exactly what our Family Brand is and I'll be sharing it with ya'll along the way. My prayer for you is that you will seek Him out too and that you will know what your Family Brand is and what it's all about...

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