Friday, March 16, 2012

Parenting from Revelation

One of my New Years' Commitments (because resolutions are sooo 1999) was to study the book of Revelation in depth. Considering the first verse declares that it is actually a revelation of our Savior, Jesus Christ and not the death and brimstone book the majority seems to believe/teach, I decided to dive in heads first.  I decided to follow Mike Bickle's study guide as an independent study and listen to the corresponding teachings as needed, as well as read a topical book on Revelation as supplement. I'm still in the 7 Churches of the Revelation (ch 2-3) so I can't say I've gotten very far in the book yet (because chapter 1 is soooooo rich! :) but I am seeing Jesus in a different or rather, Rhema, light.

Jesus Christ is a perfect leader who is zealous for the purification of His Bride and will do whatever it costs to accomplish it in us. Whatever it costs.

So, in my Mommy-Brain/Heart, I am wondering how this revelation affects my parenting.  What does it mean for Jesus to be a Zealous, Intense, Perfect Leader in my day-to-day parenting?

I realized that in the same zealousness that Christ diligently addresses sin and lack in my life, so I am to be in the life of my children.  I am to be zealous for their holiness; I am to be diligently and fervently opposing everything that hinders love in their little hearts.  It is my mandate as a parent to shepherd their little hearts straight into the arms of Love Himself and to keep the wolves and the foxes that spoil the vine so very far away.

That's kind of one of those-- whoa moments.  What an honor.  What a responsibility.

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."
- Prov 9:10

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