Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mother's Day Craft

So Mother's Day is coming up and I really wanted to share some time with Daniella making something for her other "Mommy" and her grandmas. This year, she's old enough to understand the meaning of Mother's Day and I'm feeling "Suzy Homemaker" so I think I want to steal her away this week so that we can go pick out the things for the craft (more on it in a bit) and to actually start putting them together. She'll have to make four, so I wanted to make it simple enough to where it wouldn't be drudgery, but allow it to be unique enough to where she could pick which one to give to which Mommy/Grandma in her life... Needless to say, I found the cutest craft idea at Michael's (kudos to super creative Boly) and am super excited to get Lou (our nickname for our lovely little Daniella) in on it. Here it is, in case you're looking for ideas for your little ones to get involved with.

"I love you Pot/Candle Holder (meant for little ones between 3-5)

- Clay Pot & Saucer
- Acrylic Paint & Brush
- All-Purpose Glue
- Foam Shapes (Letters, Hearts & Another)
- Candle (optional)

How to:
- Paint Clay Saucer color of choice, as well as rim of pot. Let dry.
- Glue Pot & Saucer so that saucer is facing top and able to hold the candle.
- Glue Foam Shapes in "I love you" format and allow little one to decorate their little heart out on the pots. =)
- Add candle as finishing touch.

Ta-Daaaa! As my little one would say. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. (I hope)
PS. At this point, I really wish we had a printer. I found amazing coloring pages for Daniella. =) Tons of printable-activities to keep her entertained for daysss!

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  1. Very cute idea! (warning for those with littler ones: those foam shapes somehow find their way off of your lovely gift and onto the floor! Keep it on an out-of-reach shelf. ;) How did it turn out? I may have a printer to give you if you can get ink refills for it!