Friday, September 2, 2011

Devotional Time with Littles: What to teach?

writers note: I know I'm a week (or two!) off from this series, but I do want to continue it, as I believe devotional time with our families is very important. If you didn't check out the first part of this series, you may do so here. :)

As I began to think about what exactly I would do with Aaliya during our daily devotional time, I started to think of all the things we would do. You know... crafts, music, an assortment of activities.  But as I sat in front of my computer armed with stickies for notes and my swagbucks search bar ready for action, I realized that the what we would be doing isn't as important as the what we would be learning or talking about.

That's when I sat in front of the computer and felt quite the silly.

I mean, of course Nicole!  As a teacher, how could I ever have put together lesson plans if I never actually know what the content of teaching was?  Bleh.  Well, I blame it on staying home for a year. Hehe.

So, I began my journey as a mama and asked the Lord what He'd like me to teach to my kids.  Typically speaking most parents I know choose to start with the basic Old Testament Stories; Noah, Abraham, David & Goliath then move on to Jesus and His works, etc, etc.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that method, but Caleb and I desire to raise our children the way Christ has specifically designed for our family and for our children.  If that meant David & Goliath first, well then that would be the perfect way for our family!  But for our family it meant one thing...

"From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established praise, because of Your adversaries, to make the enemy and the revengeful cease." -- Psalm 8:2

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Yes, I know I've used this Scripture already... a lot.  But it's true.  It's such a beautiful Scripture and such a defense for little ones against the raging enemy.  That was the Scripture that both Caleb and I bore witness to when praying for our children.  We will teach our children to establish praise in their hearts.  We will teach them to dance and sing and be quiet unto the Lord meanwhile exalting everything that He is; His Holiness, His Love, His Beauty, His Grace, His Favor and His Mercy (and that's just the getting started list).  We believe that as we teach this, everything else will slowly follow suit.  Our hopes are that as Aaliya gets older, and we teach the Law and the Gospels to her, her heart will receive the Manna with a song of praise and gladly receive the Truth.

But. How do we do this?  She is after all just one.  Well, we believe that by the reading of the book of Psalms to her daily, her little heart will be tenderized and begin to praise.  We also (of course) desire to model a lifestyle of praise for her to glean from.  But that's all on the next installment of this series. ;)

Thanks for tuning in!

What about ya'll?  What are some of the basics you teach your little ones?

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