Thursday, March 31, 2011

the 3 loves of Hannah

As a wife, mom and a woman of God, I am on a continual journey to "work out my salvation in fear and trembling" (Phil 2:12) within the ministry God has given me.

I desire to love extravagantly as I know this is what the Lord has called me to. My biggest mission is to love. Love the Lord my God with my entire heart, mind, soul and strength" (Deut 6:5); love my husbands and love my children (Titus 2:4), and my neighbor as myself (Lev 19:18b).

Hannah, was a woman with three great loves in her life. Heaven, her husband, and her home.

I want to be like Hannah.


"She [Hannah] was a devout woman whose affections were set on heavenly things, not on earthly things. Her desire for a child was no mere craving for self-gratification. It wasn't about getting what she wanted. It was about self-sacrifice, giving hersef to that little life in order to give him back to the Lord." (reference)

Hannah's prayer life wasn't self centered. She didn't ask for a son for her sake or for the sake of her husband even (though that would not have been a wrong motivation). She didn't wanna stick it to Peninnah and go "aha!"

She requested a son so that he may be given back to the Lord.

It wasn't a spiritual thing either... She wasn't just giving Samuel to the Lord "spiritually" while he remained with her. No, she gave him up to the Lord completely. She desired to bear a son for God's temple. It wasn't about her gain, but rather the gain in and for Heaven.

Hannah was comforted by the Lord in prayer, she literally unloaded her burden before the Lord and left knowing He was faithful. (more on this later, I'm just kinda laying a foundation on her love for Heaven)

Hannah loved the things of Heaven more than she loved herself and the temporal.

I wanna be like Hannah.


"Hannah's love for her husband is the first key to understanding her profound influence as a mother." (reference)

Hannah loved Elkanah deeply. And he loved her back.

"Hannah, why do you weep and why do you not eat and why is your heart sad? Am I not better to you than ten sons." (1Sam1:8)

Hannah showed great respect, submission and love to Elkanah throughout the story of 1 Samuel 1. She held him in great regard and was therefore able to be an amazing mother to Samuel and have a lasting impact on his life.

Too often, we forget that our relationships with our husband and the love we have for them is a deep and lasting lesson we teach our children on a day to day basis.

Hannah loved Elkanah, despite the disfunction in her family. Hannah loved him deeply, despite the fact he married another. Hannah loved him despite the fact that he gently corrects her in the midst of her pain. Hannah loved him despite every circumstance and struggle they encountered.

If anything, their love grew stronger.

I wanna be like Hannah.


When Hannah was granted Samuel, she devoted herself entirely to his care during the first few years of his life.

She gave up Church services and stayed home with him with a willing heart. (1Sam1:22-23). Her ministry was completely and entirely revolving around her home.

Hannah didn't have a blog where she can minister outside her home and reach other homes. She didn't have Titus 2 Moms groups to support her nor where she could minister. She didn't have the opportunity to pour into youth as a leader. She even forsook the house of prayer for three years to devote herself to her home and her child.

And the outstanding part. She did so willingly. She asked Elkanah to stay home. She had no desire to minister outside her home.

She was perfectly content and satisfied with the ministry of the home; both to her child and husband and to the Lord.

I wanna be like Hannah.


  1. I love this!! I wanna study her too! The book am reading actually refrenced Hannah =) good job Nicole! I am proud of you friend.

  2. I agree I love this as well. I want to be just like Hannah too. Where are you getting your studies from? So I can study her too.

  3. Most of the things I got from 1Samuel 1-2, Matthew Henry's commentary on 1Sam and the reference I linked in the post. :-) Glad you ladies liked it.

  4. Great post! Hannah is an inspiration for all of these reasons! I recently (a couple years ago) read a fiction story based on Hannah's/Samuel's life, and it left a bad taste in my mind. It showed wrong motivation in some areas and did not cast Samuel in the holy light he surely walked in most of the time. While I understand the desire to make these biblical figures "real", it has to come from a place of prayer and understanding. Your writing definitely made Hannah seem like "one of us" and a woman we'd all like to know. It was only in our declaring Sabina "God's child" that we found joy in that pregnancy. He has blessed her (and us though her) so much.

  5. Thanks so much for sharng this encouraging post.