Sunday, March 6, 2011

maximize mornings update and breakfast woes

So a few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how I was on a mission. I was on a mission to Maximize my Mornings. To be transparent and quite honest. This blog post will probably fall under the "blunder" and/or "epic fail" category.

For a few days I was quite amazing. I was up by 630a and I was fully able and capable to function the rest of the day. Naturally, I was under the covers earlier, but it was actually quite nice and I was loving it! Then, I hit some sort of funk and found myself super tired all of the time. It even got so that I woke up for Aaliya's 730a feeding, she would lay with me in bed and I would nap with her during her morning nap (which is normally around an hour after she wakes up to eat). I was sleeping in until 10-11am!

Talk about epic fail.

Recently, I've been getting back on track (slowly) to where I'm waking up between 7a and 730a, feeding Aaliya and then continuing on the rest of my day and skipping my morning nap. Even though this is improvement, I really desire to make the most out of my days and wake up before the sun rises as Proverbs 31 encourages us to do.

"She rises also while it is still night and gives food to her household and portions to her maidens."
--Prov 31:15

I desire to bring food to my household both physically and spiritually... So, let's take a look at what this looks like.

Physical Food

In speaking with Caleb a few weeks back and talking about the things which he desires of me, one very simple thing he requested. Breakfast in the mornings. See, I haven't been the Mommy nor Wife that serves breakfast to her household. I've been the "spend entirely too much money for pre-made breakfast sandwiches" and fend for yourselves Momma. Sooo not cool.

My biggest issues with breakfast?

Waking up early is definitely one of them. After all, Caleb leaves to work around 730a which would require me to wake up around 630a to make a decent and simple breakfast and give him enough time to eat it, versus always going on the run.

My second biggest issue? I'm so not a morning breakfast person. My breakfast consists of coffee and whatever else I can get together, if anything. (Yes I know this is a very bad habit, let's take baby steps here people!) My husband on the other hand requests a high protein, practically glutten free diet. So, his breakfast requests are eggs (yuck!) and such. I don't mind making breakfast, but can we meet halfway here?

Ehh. Anyway, I am very much requesting any breakfast recipes that you want to share. If they are high protein without including eggs, you get a gold star!

Spiritual Food

I firmly believe Proverbs 31 is both a practical and spiritual application to wives and mommas. Therefore in verse 15, as quoted previously, part of its meaning (as revealed to me by the Holy Spirit) is a wife who can share Rhema Words with her family throughout the day as the Holy Spirit revealed to her in her morning devotional time with Him.

I desire to be a wife and mom who feeds her household spiritually. As a homemaker, it is my responsibility to set the atmosphere in our home, and I desire to set an atmosphere where it is easy to seek the Lord and my words and encouragement can help do that.

So... where does that leave me?

Asking God for the grace to wake up early and take it one step at a time. My current goal is to wake up early enough to serve my husband breakfast. I want to tackle the physical first because I am able to spend devotional time with the Lord later on in my day. Though not ideal, I believe the Lord will honor me as I seek to honor Him by honoring my husband in this small, seemingly insignificant manner.

So, let's shoot for 645a tomorrow, shall we?


  1. I don't know a whole lot of breakfast recipes that don't use any eggs. But, one of my favorite things to make for breakfast is baked oatmeal (the recipe is on my blog). It's pretty hearty--though I do usually serve it with eggs. But, we could eat more baked oatmeal and skip the eggs. Plus, it makes a 9x13 and tastes totally fine reheated in the oven. If Caleb really wants it gluten free, you could buy gluten free oats.

    Another option would be biscuits and gravy or sausage biscuits. Neither of those have eggs. Though, if doesn't want a bready breakfast, neither option would work.

    Have you ever made huevos rancheros? If you get some good salsa and cheese, that can be super yummy. My favorite way to have that is with corn tortillas, salsa verde, and queso fresco. But, it obviously has eggs. ;)

  2. Thank you MJ! :) I'm def gonna try the baked oatmeal recipe! I've seen it before on your blog and Caleb loves oatmeal. :)

    I think I may just have to bite the bullet and make the eggs for him and stick to my light breakfast. Sighh...