Saturday, March 19, 2011

honoring their father

The word honor is by far one of my favorite words in the english language. Honor as in the verb, not the noun.

The verb is, after all, towards someone else the noun tends to be self-centered.

And as a wife, the Word calls us to honor our husbands and to raise our children to honor their fathers.

I got the rare opportunity, as a mommy of two, to sleep in yesterdat. Ahh, the joys. And of course, I've got my amazing husband to thank for that.

When I finally woke up (at a ridiculous hour which I will not share!), hubbers was ready to go to fix his car with one of the elders of our Church. He threw in the hint that the house was messy (of course it is, with two kids and little "Sammy" being with us).

I had a choice to make right at that moment in time. I could've blown it off and just focused on my morning and my day. Or I could use it as a teaching moment for Daniella.

So, with God's grace, I chose the latter and for the first time (at least knowingly) I got the opportunity to share with her how we can honor Daddy by doing as he's asked. Cleaning, a normally drudgeful job filled with "but why's" followed by the very minimal requirement, suddenly became a joy.

Daniella was looking for ways to work diligently and excellently!

She desired to honor her Daddy. And the joy she exuberated when Daddy came home and she got to show off the amazing work she'd done, lit up my entire weekend and fueled my heart to continue on in this journey called Motherhood in an excellent way.

I have learned that in teaching our children to honor their fathers, we are truly teaching them to honor their father in Heaven. If they learn to desire to honor their Daddy's (which we all inherently do), then honoring their Heavenly Fathers by living a holy, set apart and consecrated lifestyle will be a joy and not an impossible standard set.

What about you Mommy friends, how do you teach your children to honor their father?

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  1. I love this! You show honor (and teach the children to) and he blesses you! That's how it's supposed to be. We also try to clean up for dad (without him asking), as well as save special things for him - like a meal when he couldn't be home to eat with us or special dessert, and the kids are pretty good with obedience to dad. When he was out of town for the week, we made sure the house was clean and comfortable when he got home so it was a happy homecoming!