Sunday, March 20, 2011

a day at the park...

This past weekend was a blast! Here are some pictures from our day at the park! :) I meant to post these Monday, but baby has been so sick with the flu and an icky ear infection. Please keep our family in prayers as we battle this thing out. :)

Aaliya goes down a slide for the very first time :)

Grandpa was there every step of the way, helping out his little princess

And of course, first time on a park swing!

But first, she rode with grandpa!

Her big sister did an awesome job pushing her!

Big sister did so great going down the big slide. ;)

Grace :)

Loving on daddy. UFC style... hehe

And of course, for Sunday morning, we had to dress baby up...
This was the first time we got a clip in her hair! :)


  1. your daddy looks like such a proud abuelo!! so sweet...Aaliyah I love you and you love me, you just dont know it lol =) and Daniella is beautiful. she has gotten so big!

  2. Love the park pictures! My favorite. Also, there is nothing more precious than a grandfather holding his baby grandchild. It's just so amazing! (Did you ever think you'd see your dad on a swing?)