Sunday, March 27, 2011

Encoragement for Mamas!

As mamas, it is so easy to become discouraged and forget how much our feeble hearts move the Lord. I had a very challenging week this past week. Aaliya was double sick plus teething; Caleb had strep and an upper respiratory infection. And, I was one very very exhausted tried and tested Mama. I can't say I passed with flying colors. I was on the verge of flunking. And then, Matt Gilman reminded me. He had to remind me several times before I got the hint, but I eventually got it. So, I wanted to share this video with the song "Do you know the way you move Me?" where Matt Gilman sings it and during the time of worship, he breaks forth in a spontaneous song which moved me. And as a mama, I believe it'll move and encourage you to know and remember that He is undone by a single glance of Your eyes. That if all you can get in during the day is the Psalm that you shared with the kiddos during devotional, that very glance in His direction ravishes Him! Every motion of our heart towards Him undoes Him... And He chooses to be undone by you! Watch and be encouraged Mamas!

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