Sunday, May 15, 2011

childlike faith in the storm

Saturdays are often times our family outing days. Most weekends we have Daniella with us, and I really like to make it a point to do something just a little *extra* special while she's with us. From baking cupcakes to taking a special walk together as a family, I want her to always share with us and have our undivided attention.

Yesterday, was such a day where we were doing something that was more special than usual. We were taking a trip to the beach. Wahoo! Not only were we taking a trip to the beach, but some of our close friends would be there (and Daniella's "Titi's and Tio's"), so we knew it would be fun.

Well, we got there and not twenty minutes later... This happened.

This is an actual picture from when we were there (yes, we were THOSE guys taking pictures while the entire beach is in a mass exodus...). Long story short, within 30 seconds of us realizing that we shouldn't tempt the forces of nature, hurricane-type winds hit, massive rain (and hail, I believe) attacked us and I'm running to the car with both girls while everyone else is attempting to hold on to the canopy we'd brought (which snapped in half like a twig) and gather the remainder of our very much soaked, very much sandy belongings.

When we get to the car (and of course both girls are very shaken up), after calming both girls down, I encourage Daniella to pray.

Momma: "You know what, we should pray for Daddy, and Titi Rachel and Tio Ralph and Titi Chancia and their friends who are all still out there."
Daniella: "Yeah! Because Jesus can help them and they're stuck out there. Ok, I go first."

And such proceeded a beautiful array of supplications to our Father in Heaven for safety for our friends and for the storm to simply stop.

My little one prayed valiantly and beautifully. Even when I left her inside the van to run out (yes, still in the storm) to open the trunk for the others to throw belongings into, she prayed. She prayed boldly and knowing that Jesus Christ would hear her. Even when Titi Rachel jumped in the car, she kept praying. Even when nobody saw her, noticed her praying and when I wasn't there to guide and encourage-- she prayed.

And do you want to know what happened? As soon as she stopped praying and said her "Amen," the storm cleared out and left behind a cool breeze and Daddy and Cole and all of our friends able to get things into the van safely and quickly.

Seriously, it was beautiful outside after.Such is the faith of little people. I find that her faith often outshadows mine and I am once again encouraged to push through and run this race for my Father in Heaven and for my children on earth.

And do you want to know the most beautiful part? On our way home, we talked about when Jesus was sleeping through the storm on the boat. She "explained to me" how Jesus spoke and the storm stopped. She said she'd asked Jesus to do it again. My little girl prayed Scripture. That was such a beautiful segway into having a conversation about how we get to partner with Jesus in prayer.

Baby girl, we just gotta pray through this storm.

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