Sunday, May 1, 2011

the homemaker's challenge

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

I have a secret.

I am probably the most inconsistent housekeeper in the face of the planet. Yes, it's true. I work really really hard at homemaking.

And fail more than I suceed. (on the bright side, I suceed more today than I did a year ago) I am a person who needs guidance in such things. I didn't have a mommy who baked bread from scratch and raised a homemaker. I had mommies who encouraged me to pursue a career. And although I am so very grateful for their support and their guidance, in this season of my life, career-building isn't exactly helpful.

Unless, I was a baker or a business owner of a cleaning company or the director to a preschool center. Hmm, note to self.

Remember how I told you about the amazing "Mom's Motivated Planner?"

Yeahh, about that inconsistent thing... I kinda stopped doing it. Not on purpose... Much. My schedule just got a little crazy and, well... I just kinda stopped.

Don't judge me, okay?

Anyway, I've been fumbling around for different things that will equip me to be a "Martha in a Mary way" so to speak. And then came Sarah Mae with her fabulous e-book called "31 Days to Clean- Having a Martha House the Mary Way." I wrote about it, remember?

It intrigued me and I really really wanted it. But seeing as my "to-read" pile is a little ridiculous right now (okay, it's very ridiculous) I decided to wait. But lo and behold, a giveaway that I participated in! =) Helloooooo "31 Days."

So, I'm linking arms with Christin from Joyful Mothering and I'm joining up the 31 day challenge on this book! =)

Here's how it will work... I will read the e-book daily and go through each challenge. On Fridays I will link arms with Joyful Mothering and blog about what's been happenin'. Pretty simple, jah?

Okay, so I think you should link arms too. What'dya say? Let's be the homemakers He's calling us to be. =)


  1. Great! Do you have a copy of the e-book Mela? It's on Amazon and only $4 =)