Monday, May 16, 2011

the epitome on homemaking

After two long grueling hours of couponing and creating my grocery lists, I was getting ready to head to bed, when I noticed a slight bit of disorder in one of the nooks and crannies of our blessed apartment.

For a second, I was discouraged because I pretty much planned out my entire day for tomorrow and the bulk of it will be spent *outside* our home. Geez, this house is never 100% in order.

And then, came the epiphany.

It doesn't have to be.

As a homemaker, my primary responsibility is to create a home, not clean one. A home is not defined by its perfect state of being, its absolutely positively impeccable look, nor its fancy design.

A home is defined by the sweet presence of Jesus that lingers within its four walls.

A home is defined by the genuine smiles of little people who truly enjoy living there.

A home is defined by a God-glorifying harmonious marriage where service and cross-like love abound.

A home is defined by a mama who knows what Jesus has asked of her and obeys joyfully.

Such understanding is of course no excuse for laziness and carelessness in the cleanliness of our homes, our children and even ourselves; however, understanding that our primary goal is to create a home for our husbands and our children will lighten the load.

So what if there's always a cup that is left misplaced (hopefully not the same one) when making the "dishwasher run" across your home? So what if it doesn't look like a Pottery Barn catalogue? Is your husband fed well and happy? Do you submit to him, love him and allow the barometer of your home to always be set on Jesus? Is your relationship with your children well-cultivated? Do they see you spending time with them over cleaning sometimes?

That's good, they should.

So, here's to continuing the race, always seeking to be sanctified as a homemaker and understanding that sometimes, well... messy is the new perfect.

What about you? What stands in the way sometimes of true homemaking? Cleaning? Laundry? Outside ministries and influences?


  1. Thanks so much for this honest post. I often get frustrated at all that doesn't get done. I forget that much of what I do in a day is intangable and disappears after the moment. Mothering and loving your husband are made up of so many moments that do not have a tangable outcome, and I have to admit that,yes, I have some dirty dishes in the sink. The bigger truth is that we had fun today, we learned today and we took Daddy lunch! Thanks for reminding me. ~ Christine

  2. It's really amazing watching the things you find yourself in and seeing you work through it. Then it's even more amazing to find that I can relate to it. I cannot count the number of times I've been in the same position and been irritated, furious, exhausted at the thought of it and knowing it would have to wait until another day. Or worse, I would have to stress myself out to do it NOW at any expense. Next time I see that soda can on the counter or laundry on the floor, I'll be thinking of this post. Thank you for sharing Nicole.

  3. thanks so much for visiting my little blog, I love yours! oh, and this post is sooo what I needed! We have our house up for sale so there are times I'm so consumed with keeping the house clean and in order that I forget what's more important- my family.
    Thanks so much for the reminder!