Friday, May 27, 2011

vacationing with children

Okay, okay... I know I said I wouldn't blog. But I just couldn't help myself.

Seeing as this is our first family vacation ever, I am learning and experiencing quite a bit.

Ever notice when vacationing with kids, it tends to be more work than being at home? Not that it's not wonderful, not that we're not having a great time at the beach... But everything is work ministry.

The more I walk along this mommy journey, the more I realize the weight I carry as a mother. This job is truly full time. It really is an all-day thing. In this season, my babies need me.

A break in their routine really is the end of the world for them. And they would like mommy to be there with them.

Okay, maybe not both of them, but definitely the baby. ;)

Nevertheless here I am, on vacation finding myself leaving the hussle and bussle of hanging out with friends (because mind you, our vacation is right alongside the rest of our Church) to cuddle with my frazzled baby. Although part of me wants to be young, hang out and just relax and dissapear, the other part of me understands that in this season, I am being molded into the image of the Father heart of God and what He does is literally pour Himself out over us.

It is not that I will ever be in a season where I stop giving, but rather that in this season the training towards selflessness is a more direct and more constant.

So, on this vacation... I will purposely set my heart towards the Father, seek Him as best I can in His glorious creation and serve-- like I'm being called to do every day, all day.

After all, our vacation is not an excuse for laziness and selfishness, but rather a time of renewing and refreshing... I think God's big enough to grant me grace to be refreshed with my babies in tow.. No?