Friday, July 8, 2011

an encouragement for Moms

A few days ago, I was sitting, trying hard to press through my headache and those thoughts of giving up on EVERYTHING, pondering to my self that this homemaker/mothering/wife business is surely way to much for me, and this journey is way too rigorous. Although in the end we wont give up, the fight still remains. I know we can all relate with the feeling of weariness, and heaviness.


I am so thankful for the faithfulness of the Lord, He is always true to His word, and devoted to His beloved ones.

Sitting there, in a very very messy kitchen, during my lowest point, God met me! He spoke to me the simplest things. Things I've heard before.


It hit my heart this time and I knew that I was to share it with other mommas. I pray that it encourages and blesses your heart.

"You are not alone, I am with you. I am the lifter of your head and I will carry you in your weariness & sustain you when you feel you cant stand. You do not need to run the this journey of motherhood on your own strength because my strength is made perfect in your weakness and my grace is more then enough. You may feel you haven't reached perfection in your homemaking skills, in your raising children skills, or even if your wife skills, but in my eyes YOU HAVE. When I look at you, I see a faithful & diligent woman."

As I was feeling this, I saw a picture of Jesus, as a strong built man, lifting me up, moving my hands and feet for me. He was carrying me around my house, as if he was helping me get all that I needed to get done, He was laboring WITH me, NEXT to me.

He is saying; "I AM strength. I AM grace. I AM mercy, just REST, REST, REST in ME!"

The ever so faithfulness, of the Lord, is what keep us going, and O how faithful He is!

Melany blogs over at Beauty of Motherhood! =)
"My, name is Melany Reyes, I am the wife to a wonderful man named Moises, whom I have been married to for 4yrs. I am also the very proud momma to two amazing babies. My oldest baby, Grace Anna is going to be two in August and my youngest, Joshua Elias is 6 months. I am currently a proud homemaker & stay at home mom, living in KC MO. My desire is to see and view my family through the eyes of Jesus, and to share what He reveals to me with other Jesus-loving mommies everywhere!"

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  1. Very nice post. A great reminder that He is our fellow-laborer. Love it!