Friday, July 22, 2011

high calling of servanthood

A great friend asked me at the end of the year last year what my (spiritual) goals were for the new year.  Last year was a *rough* year and little did she know she was setting me up for what would be the theme of this very year.

"I just want to learn to serve, yano.  I feel like servanthood is such a lost art and I want to learn how to be a okay with just being a servant.  After all, it's what Jesus asked of us, right?"  I responded. She nodded her head and simply said, "Wow, yeah... that's so true."

Ha! This year has been filled with so many opportunities to quietly, humbly and secretly serve.  Back in December, Aaliya was only 4 months old. Now she's a few short weeks shy of one (yikes!).  But becoming a mother has only been an introduction to servanthood.  It is indeed the greatest and highest calling to give up of oneself to rear these little ones unto the Kingdom of God, yet I am learning that this call to lowly servanthood reaches far beyond the walls of our home, similarly to the way that the influence of the Church should reach far beyond the walls of the building called Church.

I am servant to my God first, my husband second, my children third and the world fourth.  Nevertheless, I am servant by calling.

I hoped to use an appropriate definition for "servant" or "serve" at this point in the post, yet when looking through the dictionary, I definitely feel as though the English language has been compromised and Scriptural words are now used for common or negative concepts.  The definitions just didn't encompass the fullness of what a servant is. 

As a servant, I have learned that it is more than just to meet needs and just "present in a specified manner."  Serving my Christ, my family and the community surrounding means putting my needs and desires on hold, to fulfill theirs.  It means that out of love, I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring them closer to Christ.  Serving is truly a work of grace and such a high calling.  I have never known Christ as deeply nor as sweetly as this year, in serving my husband without grumbling or complaining, in serving my two daughters with my whole heart and with my entire time, or in learning to consider others as better than myself.

I have yet to master servanthood, but this sweet journey has drawn me closer to Him.  I long for you to join me on this journey and tell me all about it...

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  1. thanks for the post... indeed this is the heart of christianity... learning to serve in every way... :)