Friday, July 1, 2011

the home as priority

The 2011 Orlando Salsa Congress is this weekend. And I'm going.

Now, before you get all excited and get the crazy idea that I'm doing anything remotely cool, slow down and know that I get to be nothing more than the boring bracelet checker (aka "bouncer" haha!). Yep, nothing exciting. Just one of the behind the scenes volunteers.

When I said yes to this opportunity, I was so excited (and I still am!). Salsa has become a pretty neat part of my week and I was excited to be able to be around it for a while on Saturday.

But then, on Monday I went out. On Wednesday I was out unexpectedly two hours during the evening/afternoon (after Husband got home), and then we had people over. And then Thursday, we also had company over. And now, I'll be gone for four-ish hours on Saturday.

None of these things are wrong or bad things. A lot of them are necessary (aka Monday's Girls' Night!) and some of them we consider fellowship and ministry nights (aka Wednesday's gathering of the young adults! [yes, we watch SYTYC, but we fellowship, we break bread and we talk about Jesus together... That counts!]).

But in our culture, the opportunities are plenty and entirely too available for me to become "busy" and forget the ministry I have at home. Once again, our society is just topsy-turvy when it comes to the commandments Christ has given women (and in general, really) in their ministry and their roles.

And I want to live quite literally in the inside, outside, upside down way of the Kingdom of God. I want to continually set my face before my King, in my home with my family. Not that any of the activities that I'm involved in this week are bad. They're not. And this was a "different" kind of week so to speak. I just desire to carry Titus 2 in my heart and I want those words and those commands to carry over into every day life.

As mothers and wives, we should always consider the home as our greatest ministry (besides the secret place to Christ) and our greatest priority and then everything else trickles down. We should consider just how many family dinners we have or will miss, how many nights Daddy tucked in the littles to bed alone and how much (or little) time our husbands will spend with us throughout the week before saying yes to any outside activity.

It isn't that we shouldn't do them. It's just that it isn't about us. It's about Christ and our love for them. And sometimes, no often times... that means death to ourselves. It's countercultural and "unnatural." Yeah, I know. But if our priorities are in the right place, we'll never run dry and our tanks will never be on empty.

I want to learn that. I want to get there. I want live out His commandments, so that the Word of God will not be dishonored. (Titus 2:4-7)


  1. You are right on here. A few years ago, I had to work most evenings and weekends and my husband was working during the weekdays. So, our time with the kids was split most of the time. Sundays REALLY became sacred with church and family time. It was heartbreaking for me to think of my little ones going to bed without me saying goodnight/kisses/stories. It was a rough time, and thankfully we haven't had to go through that again. I've learned that the sacrifices you make for your family, whether material or personal, are usually more than provided for by God. He sees, He knows, He honors.

  2. Found you through the Living Well Hop. What a great blog. I'm following you through my RSS feed.

    "But if our priorities are in the right place, we'll never run dry and our tanks will never be on empty."~ So true!

    Many Blessings...