Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pursuing ministry as a family

Walter Bagehot once said "Women-- one half of the human race, at least-- care fifty times more about a marriage than a ministry." 

No offense to Walter Bagehot, but I tend to disagree.  I do care fifty times more about marriages than the Westernized notion of ministry, but I also firmly believe that ministry is intricately woven into the family unit, including marriage and they are to go hand-in-hand, not exclusive from one another

This is the little-big family I have the privilege of ministry alongside! :)

Unfortunately, we have gotten away from the idea that our families are our ministries and we've instead pursued outside of the home that which we should pursue not only within our home, but through our home.

I believe ministry (in the fullness of the word, not just the western notion of it) is an act of worship that is to be pursued as a family unit, not just individually.  Unfortunately, we are all too eager for "our own thing" that we tend to leave behind the primary ministry Christ has given us.

Let's look at some of the famous women ministers that have impacted our society.  I don't doubt (nor will I consider judging) they treasure family, but their ministries carry their names and their words as its primary foundation.  Rather than a family unit being known for its love we see individuals speaking forth words, but lacking through with actions.

How important it is for us to run the race, side by side with our families; our husbands, our children, our fathers and mothers if we haven't attained marriage and parenting yet.  I don't believe ministry was created to be an individual affair.  I don't believe callings and life visions are given to individuals who are married.  I believe they are released specifically for the family unit.  My husband doesn't have a calling, and neither do I.  But together, we have the highest calling; to raise the two daughters Christ has graced us with.  All as a family we are called to minister in love and justice to the poor, the widow, the orphan, the young and the old alike. 

So many opportunities have come for me to minister as an individual, and it has been hard to reject some, but in everything, I must take it to prayer and my husband and truly weigh out whether it's a family affair or a Nicole affair.  Not to say that every member of my family participates in every ministry "event" so to speak that we are involved in.  But does the family minister or just Mommy?  In blogging, I am the only one that blogs, but it is our family that ministers through the blog because it is our life as a family that inspires each post.  Such is the ministry I desire to see rise up again in our nation.

I dare to believe this can happen, do you?

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  1. I agree, but I wonder about being a women's ministry leader. Only because I've been in that situation both as a single woman and as a SAHM. I'm still searching out an answer on this one through prayer as it is a difficult balance at times. At other times, I feel like it's so where God has me. What are your thoughts?

  2. Hey Lee,
    Thanks for stopping by! :) When it comes to pursuing women's ministry, there are three things I consider;

    1) How will this committment affect my family? Will I become a better minister at home because of this or will I simply use it as a "getaway" from the day-to-day?

    2) What is my intention in joining and pursuing such ministry? Is it truly to serve and encourage other women to minister in their homes or is it a way to manifest the hidden desire for a ministry and a career?

    3) Does my entire family bless and pray for this ministry? Is my husband 100% for this, and does he really know that in participating in this ministry, he is also? Does my family minister to these women by prayer on a regular basis? In prayer, the entire family ministers though I am the only vessel that physically walks it out. Similar to a blog. ;)

    I hope this helped! :)

  3. Great thoughts. Thanks for your insight!