Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been busy at work at home... Organizing and living out a Martha house, the Mary way! :)

Nothing special to write today ladies... Just some "memory-book" pictures to show off my very small, yet very large progress! =)

First things first... This is what my main spaces looked like after the weekend (always an awful homemaking time, and a sick husband were home)


But here's what Momma did! =)

Yayy for Mommy!

I am embarrased to admit that this was my dining room table before... And, well. Not very much "eating" was done here.

And Mommy made it look like a purdy blank canvas! =)

Oh yeah, that's my homemaking binder! hehe. I deep cleaned the guest bathroom yesterday, and this is the disaster found under our sink! Yikesss!

And this is what it looks like after!

Oh yeah, and this is the laundry pile I've got to deal with today... :l
Oh joyyy!


  1. Hey Nicole, Great job! What does a homemaking binder consist of? I am in desperate need of organization tips. Thanks

  2. I love your post, it's so much fun for me to see a little peek into another home. and a great motivator for me to clean up my hot spot mess.
    thanks for visiting my little blog too!