Thursday, June 2, 2011

heart of the home reflects the heart of the mom

As I was climbing up the dreadful three flights of stairs to our humble apartment, while I was holding the baby on my right hip and had three bags hanging on the other and tripping on my ever-feminine-and-ever-long-and-easy-to-trip-on-skirt, I got a startling realization.

I just can't do this. I am beyond overwhelmed and utterly unsatisfied with everything.

I love my husband, but there has to be more to this marriage thing.
I love my children, but there has to be more to this parenting thing.
I love our House of Prayer community, but even in that, there has to be more.

Have you ever felt that way? Left wanting... more. So much more.

I am realizing that I feel overwhelmed and chaotic because, well that's what my home reflects. Although it will never be featured in a Pottery Barn catalogue, as the center of our ministry, our home should reflect that which we desire to pursue.

The Word. Order. Beauty. Holiness.

I am on an overhaul. I simply cannot live in any form of chaos. No, not even organized chaos. I have to feel good in the home I'm living in. How can I minister out of it I don't?

This doesn't mean tons of money spent and calling in for an interior designer (which my aunt is, by the way in case you were looking). It just means I need to re-vamp our home. Move things around, find frugal ways of decorating and exemplifying order, His Word and His Beauty.

Personally, I'll think I'll start by sending for my free 30 prints from Shutterfly and exhibiting our family and our children through numerous picture frames. Then, I think I'll tackle the girls' room next, since it seems the messiest.

Eventually, I'd like to go into our bedroom. Instead of a serene getaway, it's more like a jail cell with a comfy bed.

I have to do this. And while I do, I think I'll pray myself awake.

What are your favorite frugal decorating ideas?

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  1. I totally relate, Nicole. Totally. For real. My life needs a makeover. I guess it's time to head back to the prayer closet.
    I think family pictures are always the best, cheapest and quickest way to make a house a home.