Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the victory of the bookcase

I should be writing about more important things... But since I am still recuperating from quite the day yesterday (don't ask), I am going to just share with you some more on my DE-cluttering project.

I have to admit, this week I have not de-cluttered at all (sighh). I did however, last week de-clutter my little bookshelf. =) Well, de-cluttering is a bit much. I really just organized it. I'd already gotten rid of books that I no longer needed (and that was sooo painful!). I attempted to sell them on Craig's List (because I am Amazon illiterate) and since I really just don't want to deal with having them in my home, I'm going to go donate them to the library or something. Suggestions on that?

I know a bookshelf is super insignificant in the grand scheme of things when it comes to de-cluttering and organizing, but every single nook and cranny matter, as well as every small victory. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day and if I attempted the more disastrous areas first, knowing myself, I'd become way overwhelmed and discouraged and I'd just QUIT! And I really really don't want to quit. I'm ok with going slow (and I mean tortoise slow), I'm ok with not doing it every day or having to process getting rid of things I may not necessarily want to, but I'm really really not ok with quitting. Not this time. I'm going to see this one through

So, I went from this silly idea of organization (left), to categorizing and seperating my books and then placing them in different directions (right) consecutively so that they are easy to find (and pretty to look at!). Kudos to my interior designing aunt on that one!

So, slowly but surely we're making progress in our home. One nook and cranny at a time...

What about you? Any de-cluttering/homemaking success (or fail) this week? =)

PS. I left the board games on top of the bookshelf solely because the closet I intend to put them in is still slightly really cluttered and I have no room for them. As soon as I tackle that closet, they shall be gone from atop my bookcase! =)


  1. Ideas for your books:

    ** Release them into the wild - http://www.bookcrossing.com/

    ** Hold a book swap party!

    ** Donate them to the library system - http://www.ocls.info/about/donate.asp

  2. Um... I cleaned the toilet. ;) I did laundry and the piles didn't even stay on the couch for a whole day. woo-hoo! :D You are awesome - keep it up!
    Depending on the books; donate to a children's hospital, woman's shelter, or missions organization.